Tenant Billing

Accurate, timely, independent energy statements for your tenants

For commercial landlords managing a portfolio of properties or separately billed units within one site, such as industrial estates, business parks or commercial office complexes, Energyquest's tenant billing service ensures that energy is monitored and managed across your site and that individual tenants receive accurate bills.

We can install all the meters for you, to collect consumption data from each discrete unit or residence. We'll link these meters up to communications equipment and collect the data, usually remotely. Using this data we'll provide you with regular statements for each tenant, so you can bill them individually and accurately. We'll even provide your tenant with access to our online portal, EQ+, to support these statements with monthly usage profile reports, progress against budget detail and many other key performance indication reports for each tenant, giving them a clear picture of the energy they are using and supporting them in their own energy-efficiency efforts.

Energyquest tenant billing enables you to offer your tenants an extremely useful added-value service, helping them to improve their own environmental policies and energy-management practices.