Information Point

Welcome to the Energyquest Information Point. Here you'll find guides, glossary & data sheets to help you along

Electricity Metering

Energy, in recent years has emerged as a major challenge for the 21st Century business. With rapidly escalating energy costs, which could damage profits or seriously erode budgets....

Energy Efficiency

A computer left on 24/7 will cost around £25 a year, but if switched OFF at night, weekends and at holiday times, this can be reduced to around £7 a year.

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

Conversion Factors

Using the conversion factors to change an imperial measurement to metric or visa-versa

MID Approved Metering

Any Gas or Electricity meter used for the purpose of billing, whether by a licensed energy supplier or a landlord, must be of an approved design.

Derived Units

Derived Units are expressed algebraically in terms of base units and for supplementary units.

Emergency Contact Numbers

In the event of an Emergency or Power Failure to your premises contact the following Emergency Line