Code of Practice

Aim of the code of practice

   - To publicly demonstrate EnergyQuest’s commitment to a high standard of service and integrity


   - EnergyQuest will remain honest, genuine and unbiased at all times.
   - EnergyQuest will show no preference towards suppliers and will remain impartial at all times.
   - EnergyQuest will always have an up-to-date letter of authority from a customer; refreshed on an annual basis
   - EnergyQuest will not, under any circumstances, take commission from a supplier
   - EnergyQuest maintain a transparent service between the customer and the supplier

Responsibilities when handling Data obtained

   - EnergyQuest will treat customer data in a confidential manner at all times in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act
   - EnergyQuest will treat supplier data in a confidential manner at all times
   - Supply point numbers will only be used for the benefit of the customer
   - Data may only be used for the specific purposes for which it was collected
   - Data will not be used for marketing purposes
   - EnergyQuest aims to obtain accurate, complete and up-to-date data

Contract or Agreement arrangements between EnergyQuest and the Customer

   - EnergyQuest agree with the customer a bespoke contract of performance tailored to the individual customers needs
   - The contract of performance will detail the services to be provided and how much these services cost
   - The customer will have the final say on any decision relating to them

Contract or Agreement arrangements between the Customer and the Energy Supplier

   - EnergyQuest will aim to seek and understand the supplier requirements of the customer
   - EnergyQuest always aim to get the best supply contract for the customer with a supplier
   - EnergyQuest will strive to achieve a minimum of 3 supplier quotations for the customer


   - All bills are intelligently validated using EnergyQuest systems and double checked
   - EnergyQuest will attempt to validate bills within fine tolerances
   - EnergyQuest aim to check and validate bills within one day of receipt