Energy-management specialists - helping your business save energy, money and the environment

Since Energyquest was founded in 2000, the need for businesses, Governments and individuals to reduce their energy usage and cut carbon emissions has become more pressing than ever.

Back then, Energyquest's was a novel approach to energy management, focusing on minimising businesses' environmental impact and energy use through diligent energy measurement, monitoring and reporting.

Today there is a raft of legislation - from the Carbon Reduction Commitment to the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive - obliging every type of organisation to play its part in halting the inexorable rise of global carbon emissions. Together these initiatives aim to ensure the UK meets its binding target of reducing CO2 emissions to 34% below 1990 levels by 2020.

It all starts with data - the key to effective energy management

At Energyquest, we've always recognised that good quality data is the essential element in effective energy management. Only when energy managers have accurate, meaningful and regularly reported data on their energy consumption can they hope to implement practical and effective measures to optimise their energy usage.

That's why we collect all the data from our customers' meters, analyse it, interpret it and report it in ways that are useful and relevant for each customer. We set targets and budgets, measure consumption performance and carbon emissions - and provide a host of reports that support practical energy management. What sets Energyquest apart from the competition is the level of attention to detail and intelligence we apply to analysing your raw data and converting it into valuable and meaningful reports.

Today, Energyquest collects electricity, gas and water consumption data from thousands of sites across the UK, for customers ranging from national groups with hundreds of sites to single factories, sports clubs, offices and many more.

Through intelligent energy procurement, monitoring, management and targeting our quest is to help you save money, optimise your energy usage, reduce your impact on the environment - and feel good about your business.