Energy monitoring and reporting

Validation, analysis, interpretation - making sense of your data

Energy monitoring and reporting at Energyquest doesn't mean simply providing you with a list of meter readings. Our data is expertly analysed and interpreted to provide the optimum amount of useful information required for successful energy management.

As an independent company, unconnected with any energy supplier, the reports we provide are impartial, accurate and tailored to the specific requirements of your business. Our energy monitoring and reporting services involve checking, analysing and reporting on the data we collect in ways that are useful, on a practical day-to-day level, for energy managers.

We can aggregate data collected from any number of meters across different sites or in different parts of your organisation, providing a clear picture of when and where energy is used in your business.

Here's a sample of just some of the reports we can provide each month:

  • Graphical usage profiles for any time period (from a day to a year).
  • Consumption and cost performance to target (targets set by us)
  • Carbon emissions (CO2) in kg/tonnes emitted per month/year.
  • Average consumption per m2 per year (with a running total).
  • Average energy spend per m2 per year (with a running total).
  • Average pence per unit spent on electricity, gas or water.
  • Day/night usage, with a percentage split.
  • Fuel mix (percentage of renewable and non-renewable energy consumed).

Now, thanks to our EQplusportal, all of these reports are available online, so you can access them any time you like, wherever you are.