Energy Procurement

Intelligent, impartial analysis to inform your energy purchasing

Choosing the right energy supplier and contract for your business is an important way to save money on your energy bills. In today's volatile energy markets, you have to act fast to secure the best deal. So it pays to have a specialist on your side.

At Energyquest, we use our knowledge of your consumption patterns and energy requirements to help you select the best contract. We'll carefully examine rate structures, day/night times and other contract terms, then apply your historical energy usage data to each contract on offer to calculate how much you're likely to pay each year.

Choosing the best-value contract is never as simple as choosing the lowest unit rate. By applying your usage patterns to the proposed new contract rates, we can give you an accurate cost evaluation and provide a like-for-like comparison with your existing contract. We'll never provide a recommendation with no data to back it up, but our detailed analysis and cost calculations will enable you to make the most informed decision.

Crucially, Energyquest is completely impartial. We are not associated with any energy supplier, so our reports are totally unbiased. We let the data do the talking.