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Energy Prices (mid February 2014)

Electricity:   Planned closures and maintenance in several plants from April may tighten up supply in Q2, shoring up prices.

Columbian exports of coal will ramp up to full capacity next month once new machinery comes online, putting pressure on prices.

Gas: The large number of nuclear plant maintenance shut downs could increase demand from gas fired plants and support gas prices over the next few months.

Continuing mild weather will reduce demand across western Europe, leaving storage levels high and keeping pressure on prices. Works at Norway’s Troll field could lead to increased output capacity in coming months.

Summary position: 

Oil $108.28/barrel

Coal $82.05/MT

EUA 14 €6.63/TCO2

Gas 62.11/th Apr 14

Gas 63.20p/th Oct 14

Electricity £49.43/MWh Apr 14


Electricity £52.80/MWh Oct 14