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Energy Prices (early February 2014)

Electricity:   E.On has announced they plan to close the 56 MW gas fired plant in Stoke, due to commercial pressures on the plant. Other units at Sandbach, Castleford and Thornhill – with a combined capacity of 162 MW will be altered to reduce costs.

Electricity has been generated for the first time from the West of Duddon Sands wind farm in the Irish Sea. Once completed the wind farm will be capable of generating up to 389 MW of electricity.

Gas: Several LNG facilities in Qatar are scheduled to shut down for maintainence throughout March-June and may tighten up global LNG supplies in the spring.

Revised weather forecasts predict mild temperatures from mid February, which could drop short term prices. Gas production has begun at the Kew field in the southern North Sea, peak production will be around 1 mcm/day.

Summary position:

Oil $105.53/barrel

Coal $83.05/MT

EUA 14 €5.91/TCO2

Gas 63.05/th Apr 14

Gas 63.45p/th Oct 14

Electricity £49.73/MWh Apr 14


Electricity £51.80/MWh Oct 14