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Energy Prices (mid Jan 2013)

The energy markets continue to hold steady due to a gloomy economic status in Germany, with power reaching an all time low (43.2Euros/MWh)

Both Coal and Carbon Allowances (2013 EUA) have also reached record lows with markets recording 5.5Euros/TCO2 & <$100/barrel, respectively.



The UK electricity market has stepped a little for the remaining winter months, due to the cold conditions at present:

April '13 £51.50/MWh

Oct '13 £52.68/MWh



Short-term gas prices have been affected by the cold weather, but they haven't experienced the same kind of spike that last year's cold conditions saw, because of the interconnector between the UK and Belguim was set for import and therefore, provided a reasonable supply to the market.

Forward prices are currently at:

April '13 66.25p/th

Oct '13 66.88p/th