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Energy Prices (early March 2013)

Gas Prices have reached high levels in the last couple of weeks following a power failure at a major gas processing plant in Norway.  Add this to other issues at a number of UK gas fields and a cold snap to cap it off and this led to surges in the gas market price before settling back at 69.2p/th for both April '13 & Oct '13.

The increase in gas has had a knock effect to electricity, with closing prices of £52.90/MWh & £53.80MWh for April '13 & Oct'13, respectively.

Meanwhile Electricity in mainland Europe, Coal, Brent Crude Oil and EUA CO2 emissions have all stepped back, but this did not hold off the increases experienced on the UK electricity markets.

Summary position:

Oil $110/barrel

Coal $96.25/MT

EUA '13 €4.63/TCO2

Gas 69.2p/th Apr '13

Gas 69.2p/th Oct'13

Electricity £52.90/MWh Apr '13

Electricity £53.80/MWh Oct '13