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Energy Prices (early Jan 2013)

Because of unseasonably mild weather across europe, both gas and electricity prices have ended the period 2012 in a downward trend, with Gas at 65.8p/th & 66.48p/th for Apr 2013 & Oct 2013, respectively and Electricity finalising at £51.30/MWh for April 2013 & £52.5MWh for Oct 2013.

Weather forecasters are predicting a mild January and therefore, this is likely to assist in pushing prices a little more in the right direction.

Electricity has also seen improvements following the re-introduction of the nuclear power plant at Heysham 2 which has come back online sooner than expected.

However, the introduction of the Carbon Floor Price in April is more than likely to begin to apply an upward pressure on energy prices.

Meanwhile other factors have ended 2012 with Coal at $94.25/MT, Oil $111/barrel and CO2 at 6.49Euros/Tonne for EUA 13


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