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Energy Prices (early December)

The electricity market has experienced a generally stable period, with market prices holding steady at around £52/MWh mark for April 13 annual prices, since August this year.

The October 13 shape has also has followed a similar trend whilst holding approximately another £1 over the April 13, at £53/MWh.

Forecasts of a colder winter seem to be surfacing and this could have an adverse effect on those annual prices.

Gas in comparison has experienced more volatility, albeit only slight, with prices sitting at 67.2p/therm and 67.5p/th for April 13 and October 13, respectively.

Other measures such as Coal and Oil have increased over the recent period, with Coal edging over $97/MT and Oil (Brent) climbing yet again to $111/barrel.

However, Carbon Dioxide has continued to slid reaching all time lows of less than €6/TCO2 for EUA 12.

Meanwhile, in Europe market prices for electricity have reached their lowest ever levels with both German and French markets dropping to €46 and €48, respectively.  Therefore, watch this space to see how this will be factored into the UK electricity market over the coming weeks.