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Energy Prices (mid September 2014)

Mid September 2014


Electricity:   The UK power market is about to enter a period of historically low system capacity margins. Shutdowns of several large power stations in previous months and the ongoing repairs following the fire at Ferrybridge power station have reduced the system margin to below 5%. The risk of system stress and disorderly market behaviour have increased as a consequence.

UK government have approved the construction of a 470 MW gas fired power station at Northern Killingholme in North East England and a 96 MW wind farm at Clocaenog Forest in Wales.

Gas: Stronger than normal flows of gas have transferred from Northern Europe to Italy, if this continues prices may push upwards. Meanwhile a key storage site in Holland will come back on line soon after an unscheduled outage, reducing flows exported to the UK

The rate of LNG cargoes arriving in the UK has picked up after an drop off over the last two months, analysis suggests these will continue into the winter, keeping supply good and costs down

Summary position:

Oil $97.88/barrel

Coal $76.9/MT

EUA 14 €5.81/TCO2

Gas 58.15p/th Oct 14

Gas 60.18p/th Apr 15

Electricity £50.75/MWh Oct 14


Electricity £52.85/MWh Apr 15