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Energy Prices (mid May 2014)

Mid May 2014


Electricity:   the BritNed interconnector linking the UK and Holland is undergoing maintenance until late May, halving its capacity to 500MW

An El Nino weather system developing in the Pacific Ocean is likely to reduce flooding in key coal producing countries, keeping exports strong and prices under pressure.

Gas: The Ukrainian tensions continue to affect the market, causing volatility in prices. With continuing threats to disconnect Russian gas imports and upcoming elections the instability is set to continue.

The UK-Belgium gas interconnector is set to close for maintenance soon, potentially trapping gas in the UK and pushing prices down. The same maintenance period in 2013 caused a 10% drop in UK gas prices.

Summary position:

Oil $110.32/barrel

Coal $83.0/MT

EUA 14 €4.83/TCO2

Gas 58.8/th Oct 14

Gas 60.15/th Apr 15

Electricity £49.838/MWh Oct 14


Electricity £52.43/MWh Apr 15