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Energy Prices (early May 2015)

Early May 2015


Electricity:  Oil production from major US shale fields is expected to decrease in May , which may lift oil prices, with cascading effects in to other markets.

UK electricity prices may increase by 22% by 2020 as old coal and gas plants are forced to close due to inefficiency.

May-July is forecast to be very windy, which will increase wind power production for the season. Renewable production in the UK has reached and all time high of 22%, according to DECC, with further growth expected this year.

Gas: Weather forecasts predict lower than normal temperatures across Europe, which may increase demand and bolster prices.

Increased LNG, Russian and Norwegian gas exports will help keep prices low throughout the year as weakening underlying demand continues to pull prices down.

Courts in Japan have rejected injunctions on the restart of two nuclear power plants, this is seen as a crucial step to restarting nuclear generation in Japan, which ceased after the Fukushima disaster in 2011. Any restarts will reduce demand for LNG in Japan, which currently accounts for over 35% of global imports of LNG.

Summary position:

Oil $66.32barrel

Coal $58.53/MT

EUA 14 €7.48/TCO2

Gas 46.80p/th Oct 15

Gas 47.75p/th Apr 16

Electricity £44.68/MWh Oct 15


Electricity £45.38/MWh Apr 16