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Energy Prices (Mid May 2016)


Signs of a deal between warring factions in Libya could lead to an increase in oil exports from the country (which has seen oil production drop to a quarter of capacity this year) potentially pressuring oil prices, analysts say.


The first UK shale gas could be brought to market as soon as mid- 2017, according to Cuadrilla, the shale gas exploration company, which is currently awaiting approval to start fracking in two locations in northwest England.

European LNG imports could double over the 2015-2018 period, according to analysts at Wood Mackenzie, newswire Montel reports.

Summary position: 

Oil $49.22barrel

Coal $47.10/MT

EUA 15 €6.11/TCO2

Gas 35.45p/th Oct 16

Gas 36.63p/th Apr 17

Electricity £37.93/MWh Oct 16

Electricity £37.43/MWh Apr 17