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Energy Prices (Mid March 2017)


West Burton B and Cottam power stations have shifted the bulk of their summer maintenance work into Q3 ’17. This has made the quarter even more outage-heavy, further tightening the supply outlook for the period. And into Q4 ’17, analysts suggest this could also lead to “outage spill-over”


The development of a 500 million cubic metre onshore gas storage site in salt cavities at Holford in Cheshire has been approved by the Government. Construction of the Keuper gas storage project is expected now to start this year, with the site becoming operational from 2020.

Summary position: 

Oil $51.67barrel

Coal $64.38/MT

EUA 17 €5.15/TCO2

Gas 43.78p/th Apr 17

Gas 43.60p/th Oct 17

Electricity £43.65/MWh Apr 17

Electricity £42.53/MWh Oct 17