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Energy Prices (Mid June 2017)


Short term prices could see a boost as lower wind levels and some cloudier spells are forecast for the second half of June, this could impact renewables output.

Europe’s largest battery flywheel storage system is to be installed at the University of Sheffield, where it will be able to provide 1MW of peak power and 20kWh of storage. Flywheels store electrical energy as rotational energy which can then be converted back to electricity when needed.


The restart of exports through the IUK interconnector and several North Sea production outages are expected over the coming days which may help tighten supply. We may see short-term prices rebound further.

Following a record high of renewables output accounting for over 50% of UK power at lunchtime on June 7th. Strong renewables output – from wind as well as solar farms, could continue to dent gas demand and pressure prices over the next few months.

In its preliminary outlook for next winter National Grid says, “We believe there will be a wide range of potential supply sources to meet demand for winter 2017/18,”

Summary position: 

Oil $46.95barrel

Coal $68.45/MT

EUA 17 €4.95/TCO2

Gas 41.88p/th Oct 17

Gas 42.33p/th Apr 18

Electricity £42.53/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £41.63/MWh Apr 18