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Energy Prices (Mid February 2016)


France’s state audit office has estimated that up to one-third of the country’s 58 nuclear reactors may have to close over the next nine years as part of plans to reduce its dependence on nuclear power.

The International Energy Agency has said global oil demand will “ease back considerably” this year, in its latest market report.


Production has started at the Laggan and Tormore fields. The gas fields are the first to come on stream in the West of Shetland area, which is said to contain almost 20% of the UK’s gas reserves.

Summary position: 

Oil $32.08barrel

Coal $36.80/MT

EUA 15 €4.71/TCO2

Gas 29.85p/th Apr 16

Gas 30.95p/th Oct 16

Electricity £33.90/MWh Apr 16

Electricity £33.80/MWh Oct 16