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Energy Prices (Mid December 2016)


Following the news that French nuclear plants are set to restart, ASN, the French nuclear regulator, has said there will continue to be tests and monitoring at the plants for another six months.

Market analysts EnAppSys predicts that “Next week is currently forecast to start with moderate levels of wind generation, which drop to nominal levels as the week progresses,”


Although, with warmer weather, UK gas prices across all periods fell in early December, the expected resumption of withdrawals from the Rough storage site and the restart of French nuclear plants helped to apply the pressure – resulting in a rebound in mid-December.

Summary position:

Oil $53.56barrel

Coal $67.95/MT

EUA 16 €4.91/TCO2

Gas 44.20p/th Apr 17

Gas 44.15p/th Oct 17

Electricity £44.00/MWh Apr 17

Electricity £42.35/MWh Oct 17