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Energy Prices (Mid December 2015)


While warmer than normal temperatures are expected to continue across Europe for the rest of December, the outlook for January is “substantially different”, according to the meteorology desk at Marex Spectron,


Although the Paris climate deal has been hailed as signalling “the end of the fossil fuel era”, it is not seen as having any effect on the oil, coal and gas markets as yet ─ as it is seen as being too long-term, broad and non-binding in its scope.

Summary position: 

Oil $38.36barrel

Coal $44.50/MT

EUA 15 €8.20/TCO2

Gas 35.10p/th Apr 16

Gas 35.58p/th Oct 16

Electricity £37.98/MWh Apr 16

Electricity £37.63/MWh Oct 16