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Energy Prices (Mid April 2017)


Following an increase in solar power generation National Grid has predicted in its Summer Outlook, “We anticipate there may be times this summer when there is more generation on the system than is needed. In order to balance the system, we will need to curtail flexible generation…it may also be necessary to instruct inflexible generators to reduce their output.”

According to a poll of European carbon analysts by Reuters EUA prices could rise sharply over the next two years. The analysts predicted an average EUA price of EUR 6.23/TCO2 in 2018 and EUR 8.78/TCO2 in 2019.


Further development of the North Field, the world’s largest gas field shared by Qatar and Iran, has been allowed to continue. The move will allow it to increase output at the field by 10%, and exports by two billion feet/day in five years time.

UK offshore gas and oil production rose by 5% in 2016 and could show a further rise of up to 10% by 2018, when it should peak, according to the offshore industry association Oil and Gas UK.

Summary position: 

Oil $54.69barrel

Coal $66.10/MT

EUA 17 €4.86/TCO2

Gas 44.05p/th Oct 17

Gas 44.13p/th Apr 18

Electricity £43.05/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £41.98/MWh Apr 18