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Energy Prices (Early September 2017)


Markets are likely to be nervous about outages and supply in France due to the review of French nuclear plant components, which is to take place until the end of next year. EDF is to draw up details on how it will implement the review by the end of October, which may offer the market some reassurance.

Much of the current coal tightness has been due to seasonal weather factors – a heatwave and flooding boosting Chinese demand while monsoon flooding has affected Indonesian production, Prices may ease with the onset of autumn removing these factors.

Global solar capacity could rival global nuclear capacity by the end of this year, according to industry analysis firm GTM Research, which estimates that a record 81 GW of solar capacity will be built in 2017, taking global capacity to 390 MW. By 2022, global solar capacity is likely to reach 871 GW, it says.


Norwegian exports to the UK could ramp up again  once the current spate of Norwegian infrastructure maintenance ends, pressuring prices, particularly if LNG deliveries also improve.

Two small new gas fields have come on-stream in the West of Shetland area – the Edradour and Glenlivet gas and condensate fields.

Coming amid strong generator buying, as renewables output has dropped, and as weather forecasters are predicting a fall in temperatures which could boost end-user demand for gas, this has boosted Day-ahead prices to their highest level since February,

Summary position: 

Oil $52.02barrel

Coal $77.65/MT

EUA 17 €5.95/TCO2

Gas 44.75p/th Oct 17

Gas 44.50p/th Apr 18

Electricity £45.70/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £44.08/MWh Apr 18