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Energy Prices (Early September 2016)

Early September 2016



The weather for the UK is likely to be colder than normal in November and December, this could increase the likelihood of spikes in gas and power prices.

Leading price forecasting companies have cited an expected increase in coal plant output, this may be driven by the need to use ample coal stockpiles.


If US oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico are threatened by hurricane season reaching its peak in the North Atlantic then oil prices are expected to rise.

According to global figures just released, new oil discoveries have reached a 70 year low. Some commentators predict that this could lead to a supply crunch and sharply rising oil prices from 2018.

Summary position:

Oil $45.90barrel

Coal $57.85/MT

EUA 16 €4.37/TCO2

Gas 37.63p/th Oct 16

Gas 39.03p/th Apr 17

Electricity £41.48/MWh Oct 16

Electricity £40.38/MWh Apr 17