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Energy Prices (Early October 2017)


Clayhill solar farm in Bedfordshire has started operations. This is the UK’s first solar farm built without a government subsidy.

Further increase in production has seen US oil output reach a two-year high. This could help offset any OPEC reductions, putting pressure on global oil prices and other energy markets in turn.

Q4 temperatures in mainland Europe are expected to be above average, according to forecasters Meteo France.


The UK is forced to rely increasingly on imports as the market is about to enter its first winter without Rough, the UK’s largest storage site. Any sustained cold snaps could test the market and lead to price spikes.

A curb on Australian LNG exports appears to have been averted, after producers reached a two-year agreement with the government to help make up for an expected 17% shortfall in domestic gas supply in the eastern part of the country.

Summary position: 

Oil $55.55barrel

Coal $77.25/MT

EUA 17 €7.02/TCO2

Gas 44.75p/th Oct 17

Gas 44.38p/th Apr 18

Electricity £45.55/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £44.08/MWh Apr 18