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Energy Prices (Early May 2017)


Some operational issues at French power plants have been caused by French labour protests amid fears that they could force outages to be extended at several nuclear plants. Reservoir levels at a record low in France have led to a sharp reduction in hydroelectricity production, if French production issues persist, this could result in imports via the France-UK interconnector being curtailed.

If there is further weakness in the oil and EUA markets this may weigh on sentiment on UK and European power and gas markets in turn, while the full resolution of Australian coal production issues may also pressure coal prices too


Although the country is set to become the world’s biggest LNG exporter over the next few years, the Australian government is planning to introduce a scheme to curb LNG exports when domestic gas supplies tighten, this is due to recent power blackouts that have been partly blamed on a shortage of domestic gas supply,

Gas withdrawals from Rough, the UK’s largest storage site, are likely to be at a maximum until May 11th, as its owner, Centrica Storage Limited, reduces operational stocks in the facility.

Summary position: 

Oil $51.39barrel

Coal $66.50/MT

EUA 17 €4.45/TCO2

Gas 43.35p/th Oct 17

Gas 43.15p/th Apr 18

Electricity £42.50/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £41.33/MWh Apr 18