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Energy Prices (Early June 2017)


Supplying more than 24% of the country’s electricity, British solar power output hit a record of 8.7 GW on May 26th, according to National Grid, expecting increasing solar output to swell electricity supplies across the summer.

An outage-heavy Q3, ahead of the start of commitments from several plants to be operational as part of Capacity Market agreements that kick in this winter for the first time, analysts say this could create some supply tightness, especially if renewables output is limited.


A boost in LNG demand in South Korea could be caused as plans have been revealed to close ten coal-fired power stations this month to combat pollution.

Two LNG cargoes that are set to arrive in the UK at the start of June will help to boost supply. Meanwhile the first US shale gas LNG cargo to reach northwest Europe is expected shortly in the Netherlands

Summary position: 

Oil $51.24barrel

Coal $66.95/MT

EUA 17 €4.98/TCO2

Gas 42.70p/th Oct 17

Gas 42.90p/th Apr 18

Electricity £42.60/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £41.60/MWh Apr 18