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Energy Prices (Early July 2017)


Amid a mixture of unscheduled, extended and scheduled outages French nuclear output has fallen to just over 52% of nuclear capacity operational over the last few days. This could result in a boost in export demand for UK power.

China has issued a ban on imports of coal into small ports from the start of July, which could lead to ships being diverted to other countries, boosting supply and weighing down on global coal prices.


A new energy policy has been launched by US president Donald Trump aimed at delivering “a golden era” of US “energy dominance”, by “unleashing American energy” for export across the world. Increasing US energy exports had already been agreed under President Obama’s administration, but Trump is set to expand on these plans.

The first gas has been produced from the new Cayley gas field, in the central North Sea, with output set to ramp up to a peak of 6 mcm/day over the coming months.

Summary position: 

Oil $47.80barrel

Coal $70.25/MT

EUA 17 €5.05/TCO2

Gas 41.80p/th Oct 17

Gas 42.43p/th Apr 18

Electricity £42.93/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £42.03/MWh Apr 18