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Energy Prices (Early January 2017)


Analysts suggest that a Chinese government drive to reduce smog by forcing power plant and factory closures, could reduce energy and commodity demand there in early 2017. This could in turn affect global energy demand and prices.


Amid cold winter weather Asian LNG prices have reached a two-year high, this has caused a boost regional gas demand while production issues at Australian and Angolan LNG facilities have affected global supply. If this continues then more LNG is likely to be diverted to Asia, sustaining the UK LNG near-drought.

Summary position:

Oil $56.21barrel

Coal $70.00/MT

EUA 17 €6.38/TCO2

Gas 48.75p/th Apr 17

Gas 48.43p/th Oct 17

Electricity £48.18/MWh Apr 17

Electricity £46.13/MWh Oct 17