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Energy Prices (Early February 2018)


A report by the House of Lords has warned that following Brexit the UK may be left vulnerable to supply shortages in the event of extreme weather or unplanned generation outages. This could also lead to less efficient energy trade, which could in turn increase the price paid by consumers for energy security.

The Norwegian grid operator has called for the construction of the NorthConnect interconnector cable between Norway and Scotland to be postponed, this is amid concerns it will disrupt the operation of the Nordic grid.


It has been predicted that the beginning of February, and possibly beyond, will be much colder. A boost in heating demand, coupled with the forecasted much less windy weather, could result in a much higher demand from power generators as wind farms fall idle.

BP have reported that gas will overtake oil as the world’s biggest energy source by 2040, also leapfrogging coal usage by the early 2030’s.

Summary position: 

Oil $69.15barrel

Coal $81.60/MT

EUA 18 €9.25/TCO2

Gas 46.10p/th Apr 18

Gas 45.00p/th Oct 18

Electricity £45.95/MWh Apr 18

Electricity £44.58/MWh Oct 18