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Energy Prices (Early December 2016)


Swiss voters have rejected a proposal to close three nuclear reactors next year and the country’s remaining two reactors by 2029, in a referendum; 54.2% of voters rejected the proposal. Switzerland relies on nuclear power for a third of its power needs.


The Weather Company predicts that January and February will be colder than normal across the UK and northern European mainland, should unseasonably cold weather continue in Asia too, then LNG cargoes may continue to be diverted there rather than coming to the UK and Europe.

Summary position:

Oil $54.42barrel

Coal $67.10/MT

EUA 16 €4.40/TCO2

Gas 45.13p/th Apr 17

Gas 44.83p/th Oct 17

Electricity £44.95/MWh Apr 17

Electricity £43.00/MWh Oct 17