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Energy Prices (Mid November 2015)


The Belgian nuclear regulator has authorised the restart of two of the country’s major nuclear reactors. The plants were shut down, first in 2012 and then again in 2014, after micro-bubbles were found in the reactors’ vessels. Their restart will improve the Continental power supply outlook for this winter and beyond.


Norway can maintain its current gas output levels for the next 20 years, the country’s energy minister has said, adding that it has only used one-third of its reserves.

Summary position: 

Oil $43.33barrel

Coal $45.95/MT

EUA 15 €8.51/TCO2

Gas 36.45p/th Apr 16

Gas 35.95p/th Oct 16

Electricity £38.78/MWh Apr 16

Electricity £37.88/MWh Oct 16