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Energy Prices (mid January 2014)

Electricity:   There are several outages planned for nuclear plants in February, which could push short term prices up. RWE announced plans to cut the capacity of the proposed Triton Knoll offshore wind farm.

As the mild winter continues, power consumption has been significantly below expectations. This has impacted on projections for the summer’s demand, keeping prices down.

Gas: The Dutch government announces that it will be scaling back production at the Groningen gas field - Europe’s largest field- following tremors in the area.

A second well at the Rochelle gas field in the North sea is due to start production soon, bolstering North Sea outputs and reversing the decline in UK gas production since 2000.

Summary position: 

Oil $107.43/barrel

Coal $86.25/MT

EUA 14 €4.88/TCO2

Gas 66.60/th Apr 14

Gas 66.15p/th Oct 14

Electricity £51.8/MWh Apr 14


Electricity £53.48/MWh Oct 14