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Energy Prices (mid April 2014)

Mid April 2014


Electricity:   Escalation in Ukraine is likely to boost prices further following a sharp increase in the last two weeks

The Wylfa and Torness 1 nuclear reactors are due to return online following maintenance and the France-UK interconnector returning to full capacity following an outage will all help to keep power prices down.

Gas: The anticipated rebound in prices following last month’s sell off has started. Prices are further pushed up by Russia threatening to cut gas supplies to Ukraine, which could lead to increased demand from Ukraine on EU gas supplies.

A new Norwegian gas field has come on line. Output from the Gudrun field is expected to be up to 7mcm/day by the start of the autumn.

Summary position: 

Oil $107.98/barrel

Coal $81.65/MT

EUA 14 €5.28/TCO2

Gas 61.90/th Oct 14

Gas 62.05/th Apr 15

Electricity £51.75/MWh Oct 14


Electricity £53.70/MWh Apr 15