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Energy Prices (early March 2015)

Early March 2015


Electricity:  The solar eclipse on March 20th could put pressure on the electricity network as the network margin remains very tight. In Europe, particularly Germany and Italy where over 35 GW of production is solar, there is a small risk of network issues.

A 2,400 MW wind farm at Dogger Bank has been approved for construction. Power generation is expected to commence in 2018 and to be at full capacity by 2022.

Gas: The oil markets are particularly volatile, and further swings in price could pull gas prices up. Low market prices and rising costs are impacting North Sea oil and gas production, reducing future outputs and increasing dependence on imports.

Warm temperatures for March to May are forecast for most of Europe, which will reduce demand across the continent, keeping short term prices surpressed.

Summary position:

Oil $61.81/barrel

Coal $62.10/MT

EUA 14 €7.07/TCO2

Gas 49.05p/th Apr 15

Gas 49.08p/th Oct 15

Electricity £45.23/MWh Apr 15


Electricity £45.5/MWh Oct 15