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Energy Prices (Mid September 2017)


German utility Uniper has said it may look at dismantling some of its power stations in Germany and reassembling them in Britain, citing a more certain regulatory climate in the UK and greater potential profitability due to less overcapacity.

Marex Spectron’s meteorological desk predicts that “The second half of September is forecast to be colder than normal across western Europe, particularly on the mainland, with intermittent blustery periods expected. While into October the outlook is for the weather to become unseasonably warm, there will be little wind.”


France is aiming to end all gas (and oil) production by 2040. Although it will be the first country to do so, its oil and gas production is just 6 million barrels of oil equivalent per year this is around 1% of its domestic demand.

Several OPEC countries are looking to further increase their gas production as a way of boosting revenues while their oil output remains capped under the cartel-wide production limits which will be in place until at least next March.

Summary position: 

Oil $55.67barrel

Coal $83.00/MT

EUA 17 €7.20/TCO2

Gas 46.70p/th Oct 17

Gas 46.23p/th Apr 18

Electricity £47.53/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £45.70/MWh Apr 18