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Energy Prices (Mid September 2015)


Due to technical issues the start-up of the Flamanville nuclear reactor in northern France has been delayed again, a prototype for the two planned Hinkley Point nuclear reactors in the UK. While the start date has slipped from 2012 to 2018, the cost of the scheme has risen to more than three-and-a-half times the original estimate, due in part to enhanced safety requirements following the Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Some forecasters are predicting colder than normal weather over the coming weeks. “It is likely that the September pattern will continue into October, which means much of the UK may be rather cool at times,” Weather Services International told newswire Montel.

Summary position: 

Oil $49.31barrel

Coal $51.10/MT

EUA 15 €8.32/TCO2

Gas 41.93p/th Oct 15

Gas 42.65p/th Apr 16

Electricity £42.20/MWh Oct 15

Electricity £42.80/MWh Apr 16