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Energy Prices (Mid July 2017)


It has been announced that France may close up to 17 nuclear reactors over the next eight years as it reduces its nuclear dependence.

“While weather forecasts have been rather volatile during the past few days and are still producing very mixed outputs for the next two weeks, into August there is an expectation that the high pressure system will shift further east, exposing western Europe to less warm and more blustery weather from the Atlantic,” says Marex Spectron’s meteorological desk.


China has claimed a world first in extracting gas from frozen gas hydrates on the seabed. While the volumes extracted were limited, scientists say it is a breakthrough in developing the technology to produce gas from this “unconventional” source, which will potentially compete with shale gas production in the future. China is said to have gas hydrate reserves equivalent to 80 billion tonnes of oil, although commercial extraction is not expected until 2030.

The world’s largest LNG exporter, Qatar, has said it now plans to increase LNG output by 30% over the next 5-7 years.

Summary position: 

Oil $47.80barrel

Coal $71.10/MT

EUA 17 €5.42/TCO2

Gas 41.45p/th Oct 17

Gas 42.23p/th Apr 18

Electricity £42.73/MWh Oct 17

Electricity £42.00/MWh Apr 18