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Energy Prices (Mid July 2015)


August and September prices may move higher “due to significant outages and low seasonal normal wind generation” during the months, says price forecasting company Catalyst Commodities.

The oil market remains “massively oversupplied” with the market’s bearishness set to “extend well into 2016”, according to the IEA (International Energy Agency).


In its first statement on the gas supply outlook for the coming winter, National Grid has cautioned that although it currently expects supplies to be sufficient to meet demand, there are two potential issues that could change its analysis – the reduction of production at the Groningen field in Holland and the reduction of storage capacity at the UK’s largest storage site, Rough – with updates on both expected by October.

Summary position: 

Oil $58.24barrel

Coal $58.20/MT

EUA 15 €7.44/TCO2

Gas 44.68p/th Oct 15

Gas 45.35p/th Apr 16

Electricity £43.53/MWh Oct 15

Electricity £43.98/MWh Apr 16