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Energy Prices (Mid January 2017)


After a volatile start to the year, with January beginning with a tumble, the rally seen at the end of last year unravelled. By the 10th of January prices were firming again as exceptionally cold weather hit eastern Europe and started heading westwards, raising gas and power supply fears.


A new large LNG import terminal has been opened in Dunkirk, in northern France. As the second largest in Europe it may compete with the UK’s LNG terminals for cargoes and due to a supply squeeze in south-eastern France this may mean that buyers are forced to pay a significant market premium to attract LNG shipments.

Summary position: 

Oil $55.45barrel

Coal $66.45/MT

EUA 17 €4.70/TCO2

Gas 48.28p/th Apr 17

Gas 47.63p/th Oct 17

Electricity £47.03/MWh Apr 17

Electricity £44.80/MWh Oct 17