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Energy Prices (Mid February 2018)



After failing to win a contract to supply back up electricity to the grid a decision has been made for the 2,000 MW Eggborough coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire to close at the end of September 2018.

As part of a new strategic alliance between Arenko and GE one of the largest storage systems in the world, with 41 MW of battery storage, is to be brought onstream in the Midlands this year. 


In a move to more than triple its capacity, the Indian government has announced plans to build 11 LNG import terminals over the next seven years. 

The EIA has reported that US oil output is expected to reach a record level of 10.6 million barrels/day this year, up 14% on last year’s levels. This comes alongside news that US natural gas output is also expected to rise to a record high. 80 Billion cubic feet/day has been predicted, an increase of 8.5 % on 2017.

Summary position: 

Oil $63.22barrel

Coal $79.65/MT

EUA 18 €9.52/TCO2

Gas 45.73p/th Apr 18

Gas 44.38p/th Oct 18

Electricity £45.68/MWh Apr 18

Electricity £44.20/MWh Oct 18