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Energy Prices (Mid April 2018)



Prices could be driven higher if there is any further souring of relations between Russia and the West, the conflict could potentially pose a threat to gas and coal supplies to Europe.

National Grid has predicted in its Summer Outlook that UK Peak power demand this summer is expected to be 2% lower than last year and minimum demand 3.5% lower, this will be due to increased renewables generation. 


Depleted gas inventories have not only been seen in Europe over the winter, with the US ending the winter with gas stocks that are 20% lower than normal.

Heating demand should be reduced as Europe has been forecast warmer than normal temperatures over the next 10 days; this should result in a fall in prices.

Summary position:  

Oil $71.63barrel 

Coal $82.70/MT 

EUA 18 €14.05/TCO2

Gas 48.73p/th Oct 18

Gas 46.15p/th Apr 19

Electricity £49.43/MWh Oct 18

Electricity £47.20/MWh Apr 19