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Energy Prices (Early October 2016)

Early October 2016



China is lifting output restrictions at up to 800 mines in an effort to combat rising domestic coal prices. As a result, this could reduce China’s reliance on imports and put pressure on global coal markets.

If there are any unexpected supply issues or the weather turns colder for a sustained period it is possible that we may see further price spikes on the short-term markets and winter months.


Mild weather in the first half of October and an increase in Norwegian flows as outages end, could apply pressure to UK gas prices over the next few days.

If Norwegian workers strike as planned it could impact Norwegian production and exports.

Summary position:

Oil $49.04barrel

Coal $62.25/MT

EUA 16 €4.96/TCO2

Gas 41.35p/th Oct 16

Gas 41.35p/th Apr 17

Electricity £46.53/MWh Oct 16

Electricity £42.28/MWh Apr 17