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Energy Prices (Early November 2017)


Global coal prices could be boosted, lifting European power prices in turn, as South African coal mine workers have threatened “widespread” strike action next week if demands for a pay increase are not met by the government there.

The Chatham House institute told Montel news that power imports into the UK could increase nearly five-fold by the mid 2020’s, to 70 TWh, as up to nine new interconnectors come on-stream.


The use of LNG as a fuel for ships is set to increase sharply by 2025, replacing oil products as the shipping industry is forced to emit less CO2 under internationally agreed rules.

There is potential of a downwards correction in oil prices as the recent oil gains could spur increasing output from US shale oil producers.

Summary position: 

Oil $60.89barrel

Coal $87.65/MT

EUA 17 €7.37/TCO2

Gas 46.73p/th Apr 18

Gas 45.98p/th Oct 18

Electricity £45.80/MWh Apr 18

Electricity £44.65/MWh Oct 18