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Energy Prices (Early May 2018)



Heating demand may be reduced in the UK from Saturday, potentially weighing on gas prices, due to higher than expected temperatures in the UK and Western Europe. Temperatures are expected to rise to around 5°C above the seasonal norm.

It has been reported that although coal mining has stopped in the UK, new energy developments have led to an increase in mining interest for both tin (due to the increase in demand for electric vehicles and renewable energy infrastructure) and lithium (for large scale batteries).


According to the state statistics office Holland became a net importer of gas last year for the first time since the 1950’s, this comes from the cutbacks of production at the giant Groningen field. This could result in increased competition between the Netherlands and the UK for international gas supplies.

If the US is persuaded to continue supporting the Iran nuclear deal, relieving Middle-East tensions, or US oil output and inventories rise, oil prices may slip, while a predicted mini-heatwave across Europe over the coming days may weigh on short-term gas and power prices, with knock-on bearishness filtering along the forward curve. 

Summary position:  

Oil $73.76barrel 

Coal $84.60/MT 

EUA 18 €13.39/TCO2 

Gas 51.80p/th Oct 18

Gas 48.95p/th Apr 19

Electricity £51.25/MWh Oct 18

Electricity £48.83/MWh Apr 19