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Energy Prices (Early July 2015)


Power generation output across the continent could be affected by a sustained heatwave in Europe – very hot weather reduces the general efficiency of power stations (even solar panels) and can also force environmental restrictions on the cooling systems of river-based plants – at the same time as boosting demand for air-conditioning and cooling.


The tropical storm season in the Atlantic – which lasts from June to November but peaks in late August/September – is expected to be quieter than normal, according to forecasters WSI.

Summary position: 

Oil $62.88barrel

Coal $59.35/MT

EUA 15 €7.45/TCO2

Gas 45.90p/th Oct 15

Gas 46.95p/th Apr 16

Electricity £44.18/MWh Oct 15

Electricity £44.78/MWh Apr 16